Let the Heart Rest

Breathe in the quiet.

Let the heart rest.

Recently I was able to take a couple of days at the beach to decompress after a time of hardship. The soft winds seemed to flow straight through my body and leave me feeling renewed, hopeful again. Nature freely absorbs the congested, stuck, painful energies, and offers restoration and rejuvenation. It is always there, always generous, grounding static anxious energies and helping us return to simplicity.  

Energy Medicine makes use of the healing forces of the hands, the vibrant imagination, and the amazing intelligence of the body that knows how to heal and restore us.  A simple practice is to put one hand on the center of your chest, and cover it with your other hand. Relax your shoulders.  Imagine yourself in a beautiful place in nature (or be there physically!)  Feel your feet on the ground, even connecting through whatever floor is between you and the ground. Close your eyes.  Bring to mind something you feel grateful for, or that makes you smile.  Let your breath roll gently, softly in and out, until you want to let go.

This simple practice has lots of benefits.  The active energies in your hands are connecting with the most powerful electromagnetic field of the body; that of the heart.  The heart’s field radiates to every part of your body, supplying healing and restoration for whatever is out-of-synch.  The heart chakra is the home of feeling one’s rightful place in the world and at home in one’s body.  The center of the heart space opens to a connection with our essential selves, Spirit, Soul, where we can receive direct guidance for our earth-walk. Biochemically, a few minutes with our hands on our hearts, smiling and grateful, increases the amount of oxytocin in our blood stream: the feel-good, feeling-connected hormone that makes us feel we belong.

Take time for yourself. 

Please enjoy this poem, and I wish you a deeply restored and peaceful heart.


Always we hope someone has the answer,
Some other place will be better,
Some other time, it will out turn out.
This is it.
No one else has the answer.
No other place will be better.
It has already turned out.
At the center of your being you have such answers.
You know who you are,
and you know what you want.
There is no need to run outside for better seeing,
nor to peer from a window …
Rather abide at the center of your being.
For the more you leave it, the less you learn.

Search your heart

and see the way to do is to be.

Lao Tzu

Warmly,   Lyn

You are a wonderfully made and unique individual, with energy patterns and a history different from everyone else on the planet.  It is my privilege to communicate with the subtle energies that make up an individual’s condition, and to bring my expertise to bear in helping each client restore the effectiveness of their inner healing forces, and move into greater wellness.  My work is effective by phone, Skype or in person.  I look forward to serving you.

© Lyn Milum and Energy Medicine for Life, ™ 2015.

Contact Lyn to bring Energy Medicine classes and workshops to your group!

Lyn Milum, Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist (MA57728)


About Lyn Milum

My passion is partnering with people in support of their intrinsic and authentic wellness, engaging the processes of Eden Energy Medicine with mindful presence. I am an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and a licensed massage therapist in practice in the Orlando area.
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