Solar Flares and Auric Fields

I feel today is an exceptionally excellent day to tend my auric field by expanding it (Fluffing the Aura), weaving it (the Celtic Weave exercise) and tracing figure 8s, large and small at the outer edge of my reach, side to side and up and down my waistline. Holding my Navel-to 3rd eye Hook Up connection for at least 5 minutes helps to ground my body energies and build integrity and resilience in my aura. I like to hum or tone while holding the Hook-Up; it feels like more inner connections are being restored.

solar flare image

A large solar flare erupted today which has had a strong effect on communications in certain areas. The Earth’s “auric field” is its atmosphere, and as our bodies have synchronicity with the Earth, solar flares can affect our auras and other subtle energies. I started to feel quite oppressed in the balance of my energies about mid-day, but after about 10 minutes of restoring exercises, I’m back to myself again.

“Fluffing the Aura” is an exercise I learned from Donna Eden.  It resembles certain qi gong exercises.  I use the electromagnetic field of my hands and begin by touching the floor near my feet, and slowly roll my hands in large circular patterns, as if rolling a round ball of energy from feet to head.  I begin again at my feet and roll my hands up one side, and then the other, and then my back as well as I am able to reach it.  Where I can’t reach my back, I use my imagination to expand and weave my bio-field’s integrity.  This exercise has the effect of expanding the auric field, giving the subtle and electromagnetic energies of the body more room to communicate together and make the connections they need to make.



You are a wonderfully made and unique individual, with energy patterns and a history different from everyone else on the planet.  It is my privilege to communicate with the subtle energies that make up an individual’s condition, and to bring my expertise to bear in helping each client restore the effectiveness of their inner healing forces, and move into greater wellness.  My work is effective by phone, Skype or in person.  I look forward to serving you.

© Lyn Milum and Energy Medicine for Life, ™ 2012.

Lyn Milum, Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist (MA57728).


About Lyn Milum

My passion is partnering with people in support of their intrinsic and authentic wellness, engaging the processes of Eden Energy Medicine with mindful presence. I am an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and a licensed massage therapist in practice in the Orlando area.
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