Separating and Connecting Heaven & Earth

Awareness:  Like mental activity that gets caught in the head (released by the Crown Pull, see below for that article), static energy can become trapped in the joints.  Energy is dynamic and fluid, and we feel best when it is in motion, bringing in fresh supplies of life force, moving freely through all our structures and systems, and releasing in appropriate balance with receiving.  Not only does this exercise move stuck energies from the joints, but it is a way of opening up space to hold the uniqueness of our life.  An ancient Qi Gong exercise, it was known as Separating Heaven & Earth, carving out and claiming space for expressing our unique fullness.  As Connecting Heaven & Earth, it’s a way of calling in what we desire from the abundance of the Universe. I appreciate Barbara Ann O’Leary and Melanie Smith for expanding my understanding of this exercise.

  Maine  scene
photo of Mt. Desert Island, by Lyn Milum


1.  I stand with my hands on my thighs, fingers spread.

2.  With a deep inhalation through the nose, I circle my arms out, bringing my hands to meet at my heart, fingers touching in a “prayer” position.  I exhale through my mouth.

3.   Inhaling through my nose, I look up and stretch one hand high above my head with my wrist at a 90 degree angle, as if pushing the ceiling above me.  I stretch the other hand with my arm straight down, flattening my hand, wrist bent at 90 degrees.  I hold this position while holding my breath, as long as is comfortable.

4.  Releasing my breath through my mouth, I return my hands to the prayer position at my heart.  I then repeat, switching the arm that raises and the one that lowers.  I do at least one or more additional stretches on each side.

5.  Coming out of the pose as I bring my arm down, I allow my body to fold over at the waist.  I relax there with my knees slightly bent as I take a few deep breaths.

6.  Slowly returning to standing position, I swing my arms in a wide sideways figure 8 pattern, and end with a backward roll of my shoulders.

Mindful Focus:

Separating Heaven and Earth

I envision the rapid and thorough release of any distress or discomfort as I stretch one hand above, and one below.

I release: (name what I choose to let go of)

Or, I feel space opening up to welcome the full expression of my essential self.

I claim the life I took birth for, and my essential self expands within me.

Connecting Heaven and Earth

I call for and claim what I desire from the infinite supply, as I reach a hand above and a hand below.  I gratefully receive what is freely given.

I call in and welcome: (name what qualities I choose to bring in)

Another mindfulness affirmation:

I touch into Divine love and care (looking up while holding the breath)

I expand all of who I am into my life (looking down while exhaling)

Bend and hang from waist, breathe deeply 3 times

I surrender to the wisdom within

Slowly straighten up, tracing figure 8 patterns

I integrate my Self, my Source, and the Life I Live.

What does it feel like to do this exercise with the intention to separate, carve space, release what doesn’t serve?  What does it feel like with the focus of making a sacred connection and receiving divine gifts?  Right now, I’m dancing with both of the ideas, flowing with what’s coming up for me.

Warmly,   Lyn

How Can I Help You?

You are a wonderfully made and unique individual, with energy patterns and a history different from everyone else on the planet.  It is my privilege to communicate with the subtle energies that make up an individual’s condition, and to bring my expertise to bear in helping each client restore the effectiveness of their inner healing forces, and move into greater wellness.  My work is effective by Skype or in person.  I look forward to serving you.  Please visit me at my website,

Separating Heaven and Earth is recommended as part of Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine.

Separating and Connecting Heaven & Earth is part of my To Begin the World Again – Mindfulness with the Daily Energy Routine series.  

© Lyn Milum and Energy Medicine for Life ™, 2011.

Lyn Milum, Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist (MA57728).


About Lyn Milum

My passion is partnering with people in support of their intrinsic and authentic wellness, engaging the processes of Eden Energy Medicine with mindful presence. I am an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and a licensed massage therapist in practice in the Orlando area.
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