A Meridian Tonic – Neurolymphatic Reflex Massage

Awareness: Firmly massaging the Neurolymphatic Reflex points on this chart moves toxins from the meridians they relate to, and from the organs the meridians are named for.  As static energy toxins are triggered to release, fresh energy naturally flows in to restore our innate harmonious states of wellness.  This feels like an all-over body tonic to me.

NLs Man

Practice:  With one or two fingertips, I press in and firmly massage each point with small circular motions for a few seconds each.  The ones that feel the most tender are moving the most toxins out through the lymph system.  If health is compromised or there is tenderness in many points, I find it helps to just massage a few each day, rotating through the whole set over several days.  Over time, they tend to feel less sore. I spend a few seconds on each one and a bit longer on points when I find ones that are tender.  It is important to drink plenty of water after working Neurolymphatic Reflex points to help the lymph system to flush the toxins that were released.

Mindful Focus: I love to use Susan Shanley‘s meridian tracing affirmations while clearing points that are particularly tender.  For instance, while clearing the K-27 Neurolymphatics (the same points referenced in the Four Thumps) I might say Susan’s Kidney Meridian affirmation: “I step forward with courage.”

Sometimes I focus on a simple chant while clearing each point or set of points:

Stir and clear

Renew and flow

Release, rebalance,

Letting go

I like to clear my Neurolymphatic Reflex Points as part of my daily “energy hygiene,”  washing away imbalances in the meridians that are ready to move.  Clearing these points every day helps keep balanced meridians in good shape, and takes some of the pressure off any struggling meridians.

Warmly,  Lyn

How Can I Help You?

You are a wonderfully made and unique individual, with energy patterns and a history different from everyone else on the planet.  It is my privilege to communicate with the subtle energies that make up an individual’s condition, and to bring my expertise to bear in helping each client restore the effectiveness of their inner healing forces, and move into greater wellness.  My work is effective by Skype or in person.  I look forward to serving you.  Please visit me at my website, energymedicineforlife.com.

Neurolymphatic Reflex Point massage is taught by Donna Eden as part of her recommended Daily Energy Routine.

A Meridian Tonic – Neurolymphatic Reflex Massage is part of my To Begin the World Again – Mindfulness with the Daily Energy Routine series.  Browse the other great articles in that blog for Energy Medicine insights and wisdom.

© Lyn Milum and Energy Medicine for Life ™, 2011.

Lyn Milum, Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist (MA57728).


About Lyn Milum

My passion is partnering with people in support of their intrinsic and authentic wellness, engaging the processes of Eden Energy Medicine with mindful presence. I am an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and a licensed massage therapist in practice in the Orlando area.
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